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O’ Maria

Fast Facts

Area: 8,21,000 square kilometer
Largest Area: Australia (although its a continent per se)
Smallest Area: Pitcairn Islands
Languages Spoken: Indigenous Oceania languages including Pama Nyungan language, Bunaben language etc.
Currency: Australian Dollar, US Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and other currencies as well
Time Zone: UTC+10 to UTC-9
Religion: Predominantly Christianity
Climate: Hot and humid all round the year with no clear demarcation of seasons as such especially the summer and winter
Population Density: About 10 per square mile

Oceania as the name suggests includes numerous territories and countries and a majority of them are islands of the Pacific Ocean, mostly the central and southern Pacific Ocean and its nearby places. - Lake Burragarang It includes islands of Polynesia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and comprises of the entire Australian continent, New Zealand and Malay Archipelago as well. However, in certain cases Australia is not included in the group of Oceania and Oceania under such circumstances is referred to only the group of Pacific Islands.

Oceania draws interests of anthropologists, artists, poets and travelers who always seek to explore more of the world. The people of this land are quite warm and friendly, fun loving, happy, intelligent as well as generous group when it comes to helping someone. The traditional life of these people breathes with music as they have some unique dance and singing culture.

In fact, the cultural heritage of this land is based on traditional songs that got passed down since generations and binds the people of this land together. The four main traditions of Oceania include the Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Australia. Tourists have begun visiting these places to live very simple, away from the chaotic hustle and bustle of city life, to enjoy being close to nature. So, if you love sea and would like to explore underwater marine life from its close quarters, a small tour to the islands of Oceania can truly be the one you would be looking forward to.

History - Aborigine Various research studies conducted by historians indicate that the first settlement in the lands of Oceania began somewhere near New Guinea. These settlements continued to grow along the Melanesian archipelago. The easternmost cultural area of Oceania is Polynesia that has witnessed several migratory settlements. The settlers of this place have said to live since 2000 years ago and did spread a homogeneous culture in most parts of the archipelago that they have colonized.

The people living in the Polynesian Islands are mostly nature worshippers and it has been found during the discovery of these Pacific Islands, that cannibalism was very much in vogue. However, Melanesia consists of a large island Papua, volcanic archipelagos and the Fiji Islands reflected more of heterogeneous culture, quite contrast to the Polynesian living and culture. - War memorial It is the Micronesia that is a conglomeration of scattered islands and was under sheer neglect at least until the World War II. The region's mythological tradition is still a matter of zeal for the anthropologists and historians to research and study. The Micronesians laid great stress on ancestor worship. Again, about Australia's first inhabitants, much is yet to be known. It is believed that in Australia there were more than 300K aborigines divided into more than 400 tribes that spread over most part of the continent, giving rise to a more complex social framework and needless to say with varied dialects and languages.

Geography - Potential Bad Luck Street Oceania includes more than some 10,000 islands and constitutes a major ecological region of the planet Earth. Few territories in US are considered to be part of Oceania as well. In the Polynesian triangle Hawaii lays on the northern most tip, New Zealand in the western corner and Eastern Island in the eastern corner. Sometimes, even the Philippines in West Pacific Ocean is also included within Oceania and East Timor due to its cultural ties is often linked with Oceania.


Oceania offers its tourists range of diverse beauty in terms of its landscape and people. Be it Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Papua Guinea or Australia, all of these are perfect destinations to enjoy and get lost in fun. Be it tiny hamlets tucked in the snow-capped mountains, white sandy diamond dusted beaches or cosmopolitan cities that reflect colonial charm, one can get all and in loads in the lands of Oceania. Often times, the place buzzes with internationally renowned cities too. So, check out for yourself and get set for a tour to Oceania and its amazingly friendly people. - PMC Triathlon To explore Oceania, it is basically island hopping for some time and you would be amazed with its diverse culture, tradition, dialect and diet. Go over to the Fiji islands and catch a glimpse of Melanesian culture. With more than 300 islands Fiji offers picturesque beauty in its pristine beaches along with some great species of coral reefs and fascinating blend of varied cultural influence such as Polynesian, Melanesian, Indian and Micronesian on the people living there. Before a visit to Bouma National Heritage Park of Fiji, you can take some time to visit the Fiji Museum that is a must visit and it captivates each and every visitor and enlighten them with respect to the knowledge and understanding of the life of people living in the Fiji Islands.

Outdoor enthusiasts would love to go snorkeling, hiking and caving in through the beautiful Cook Islands with its blue volcanic landscape and white sandy beaches. Scuba diving is quite a popular sport and activity (with guided underwater tours as well) in Rangiroa and Tahiti in the French Polynesia; it is as much popular in Anatakitaki that is another hot-spot destination in the Cook Islands. It is the world famous stalactite and stalagmite caves that can be captured in your lens found in these Cook Islands. However, it is in the French Polynesia that one can indulge in an easy-go living and while away time in many of its beaches with a splendid natural backdrop.

If you want to experience untapped natural beauty, landscapes in its most virgin and raw form, Papua New Guinea is the place and one of the spots of sight-seeing in Papua New Guinea is the Lake Kutubu. - Tram in front of rhe University However, it is the variety of fauna such as kiwi bird in New Zealand that attracts millions of tourists apart from its beauty of gushing rivers, lofty mountains and sandy beaches. Bungy Jumping of New Zealand and yachting in Auckland can be the best bet for any adventure lover and the jumping steals the show of any of the packaged tours of Oceania. The nearby places are vibrant Christchurch, harbor city Auckland, adventurous Queensland and ancient Wellington. Savor the beauty of landscapes in Christchurch, go swimming in Auckland, feel the gush of adrenaline in Queensland with several adventurous sports there and walk through the lanes and by-lanes of Wellington to marvel at the Victorian-styled architecture amidst spectacular views. New Zealand is also famous for leisure activities including cycling, hiking and trekking. In fact there is one to suit everyone here. People and their etiquette are second to best and they remain good friends after your tour as well.

If it is dense tropical rain forests, it is Australia with its endless beaches and a laid back love for all kinds of sports and sumptuous food. People of Australia are very patriotic and one can assume it to be arrogance many a times. But they are fun-filled and very friendly people. Their English dialect is attractive as well. Take a tour in this land from Brisbane to Sydney, and you will find hi-fi metropolis kind of living with sophisticated and ultra modern amenities. Australia is also the land of many national parks such as Cradle Mountain, Freycinet Peninsula, Great Ocean Road and Kakadu National Park. Enjoy a pint of wine at Margaret River beach and make your tour of Oceania a truly memorable one.

Nightlife in Oceania - Darling Harbour from the Sea Nightlife in Oceania is a must experience one with electric atmosphere in the pubs and dance clubs. It is more so in Australia with a huge number of cafes, clubs, restaurants and dance floors. There are some great hot spots where one can dance till dawn from dusk and be a part of happening parties all around. New Zealand is also quite famous for its glitz, glamor and part of zany entertainment shows. The Micronesian islands also have some great beach parties and all-night beer and dance shows and people simply do not mind traveling all around to be in this part of Oceania and enjoy its raucous nightlife.

Be it the jest for life and fun at Australia, be it opera shows, concerts or live band music events of New Zealand or the wild sandy beach beer parties of Micronesia, Oceania can be a tour to satisfy every heart’s desire. So, do not miss the opportunity to travel and enjoy and feel the difference.

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